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Main Purpose of the Job

The Product Manager for Deposit Products and Pricing at Botswana Savings Bank is a key role responsible for the development, management, and optimization of deposit products and pricing strategies. This role is also accountable for the growth of non-interest income revenue, deposit balance sheet growth, and ensuring the overall success of deposit product offerings. The Product Manager will report to the Head of Product Development and Digital Channels and will work closely with cross-functional teams to execute the bank’s product strategy.

Core Accountabilities and Responsibilities

1. Product Development: Lead the development and enhancement of deposit products, including savings accounts, fixed deposits, and other deposit offerings. Identify market opportunities, conduct market research, and collaborate with stakeholders to define product requirements.

2. Product Lifecycle Management: Manage the entire lifecycle of deposit products, from ideation and development to launch, monitoring, and eventual product retirement. Continuously assess product performance and make data-driven recommendations for improvements or modifications.

3. Pricing Strategy: Develop and implement competitive and profitable pricing strategies for deposit products, taking into account market conditions, customer needs, and regulatory requirements. Monitor and analyze the impact of pricing changes on product performance and adjust strategies as necessary.

4. Non-Interest Income Revenue Optimization: Identify opportunities to maximize non-interest income from deposit products, such as fees, charges, and other ancillary revenue streams. Collaborate with the marketing and sales teams to promote these revenue streams while ensuring customer satisfaction.

5. Deposit Balance Sheet Growth: Work to drive growth in deposit balances by developing and implementing effective marketing and promotional campaigns, as well as introducing innovative and competitive deposit products.

6. Compliance and Risk Management: Ensure that all deposit products and pricing strategies comply with regulatory requirements and align with the bank’s risk management framework. Stay updated on regulatory changes and industry best practices.

7. Cross-Functional Collaboration: Collaborate with teams across the organization, including marketing, sales, risk management, finance, and digital channels, to ensure seamless integration of deposit products and pricing strategies into the bank’s overall offering.

8. Performance Monitoring and Reporting: Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for deposit products and pricing, monitor performance against targets, and provide regular reports to management. Use data and analytics to derive insights and make informed decisions.




Bachelor’s degree in business, finance, marketing, or a related field. A relevant postgraduate degree is a plus.


Five (5) years’ experience in a product development role (preferably at a bank or other mass market financial institution) including at least two (2) years at a supervisory level.


Critical and analytical thinking

Product development

Customer satisfaction and service delivery focus

Innovation and creativity

Results and business focus

Project Management

Communications, impact and influence


CLOSING DATE: 07th January 2024