Healthcare administration graduates can pursue many different career paths. Some students choose to work directly with people, while others prefer focusing on numbers and data.

Selecting a concentration in healthcare administration allows students to specialize in areas such as education, informatics, operations, and health policy. Each concentration can give students a leg up when preparing for their chosen career path.

Pursuing an undergraduate degree in healthcare administration opens up entry-level positions, while an advanced degree can lead to career advancement into managerial and executive roles.

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What Jobs Can You Get With a Healthcare Administration Degree?

A degree in healthcare administration opens up career opportunities across the healthcare sector.

Hospitals, medical laboratories, and physicians’ offices serve as common work settings for healthcare administrators.

Healthcare administrators can also find career opportunities with insurance companies, government agencies, pharmaceutical corporations, and outpatient care facilities.

When beginning their job search, healthcare administration graduates should consider factors like industry, setting, location, and local population. Each of these factors can impact job availability, salary rates, and career growth.