Job Purpose


To operate and monitor the day to day operations of the Water Treatment Plants to ensure adequate supply of quality water to the Power Station.
6.1 Testing
6.2 Data Collection & Analysis
6.3 Compliance
6.4 Housekeeping
6.5 Improvement / Innovation
6.6 Operating Machine or Equipment
6.7 Quality Management
6.8 Safety, Health and Environment
Principal Accountabilities/Responsibilities


Testing Monitors and takes readings on the level of bulk chemicals storage tanks and the regeneration plant tanks to ensure appropriate quantities are available for regeneration purposes (removal of impurities from water purifying agents).
Monitors levels of resins (water purifying agents) in the vessels, including the filter sand level reports on deviation from set specifications.
Monitors the operation of various valves in the plant and reports on or takes remedial action where necessary.
Identifies and reports any deviations on water readings or malfunctions to the relevant supervisor.
Data Collection & Analysis Monitors and logs online water readings to record the flow, pressure and other characteristics on the status the plant equipment to ensure the availability and efficiency of the plant.
Provides preliminary data for Root Cause Analysis
Compliance Regenerates water treatment plant streams as per the laid down procedures and specifications as part of the water treatment process.
Monitors demineralised and other storage water tank levels and quality to ensure availability in accordance with set specifications for boiler plant processes.
Housekeeping Cleans plant equipment including the removal of spillages.
Performs housekeeping tasks by following established procedures.
Improvement / InnovationImplements improvements and carries out simple change management tasks by following established procedures to support others.
Operating Machine or Equipment Operates various equipment, adjusting work sequence and/or other variables to improve efficiency.
Operates water treatment plant and monitors the treatment of water to ensure quality of water is according to requirements and specifications.
Assists operation staff in the water treatment plant isolation including the closing of relevant valves to ensure that the plant is safe for maintenance and repair, and restarting of plant/equipment in accordance with procedures.
Quality ManagementCollates data of running plant and standby conditions accurately and timeously for performance monitoring.
Safety, Health and Environment Operates in accordance with policies and rules, while performing routine safety checks on own equipment and workspace.
Contributes to the development of risk assessments
Operates effluent systems and monitors all chemical waste from the water plant to ensure they are disposed in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.
Undertake such other related duties as directed by the supervisor from time to time to meet the exigencies of the Corporation.
A Recognised Certificate in Water Treatment and Purification or equivalent.
Must be a Competent Person (within 6 months for internal candidates and 12 months for external candidates from the commencement of training)
A valid Class B Driver’s license (within 6 months of appointment




At least two (2) years post qualification relevant experience in a Water Treatment Plant.
A minimum of 1 year post qualification experience in an operations environment would be added advantage
• Service Delivery
• Production Quality
• Computer skills
• Reporting
• Data Management
• Compliance
• Data Collection and analysis
• Policy and Regulation
• Risk Management
• Verbal Communication
• Analytical Skills
• Collaborative Influence
• Organizational Commitment
• Teamwork and Collaboration
• Responsibility for Safety
• Initiative
• Understanding Others
• Adaptability
• Approach to Thinking
• Attention to Detail
• Drive for Results
Job Challenges

​​8.1 Works shifts

8.2 Health risks emanating from chemical exposure

8.3 Works in confined space

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