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The role is responsible for managing and optimising all aspects of our supply chain operations. This includes planning, coordinating, and monitoring the movement of goods from suppliers to distributors, and from distributors to retailers or customers. The Supply Operations Specialist will also analyse and improve supply chain processes, ensure that goods are delivered on time and within budget, and maintain relationships with suppliers and customers.


The role is responsible for acting as a liaison between the Sourcing, Supply, and Operations functions to ensure on-time, full product delivery through the use of effective and efficient planning tools. Additionally, they are responsible for managing transport rates, conducting logistics forecasting and planning, managing logistics risks, ensuring HSSEQ compliance, and developing logistics contracts.


Education:¬† Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Logistics, Supply Chain Management or any related field.


Professional/Technical: Membership to the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supplies (CIPS) or any other relevant professional body will be an added advantage.


Experience: Minimum 7 (seven) years experience in Supply, Logistics, and Planning management gained in a petroleum establishment.


Closing date: 30 May 2024