This role is critical in ensuring the effective recovery of funds owed to the Bank which is of fundamental importance to the Bank’s liquidity, cash flow and overall risk exposure. Excessive and un-recovered debt compromises the achievement of financial objectives.


To ensure the effective collection of accounts which have been classified as Non-Performing Loans and written off in order to reduce the level of arrears as well as improve the Bank’s liquidity. To maintain management of the processes involved in the recovery of funds. Supervise assigned Collections Officers in order to ensure recovery of monies owed to the bank and maintain desirable levels of non-performing loans.


  • Ensuring that debt recovery proceedings comply with the Bank’s policy on debt recovery as well as ensuring adherence to all business policies and procedures.
  • Optimizing the Bank’s cash-flow position by ensuring maximum collectability on Accounts receivables.
  • Initiate and implement effective strategies to minimize portfolio arreas.
  • Ensure collection on arreared accounts in order to achieve the Bank’s collection targets.
  • To manage the processes of collecting money owed to the bank on active loans in order to reduce Non performing loans
  • Managing the processes of collecting bad debts from all clients in the debt recovery function and proactively recommend cases for foreclosure.
  • Effectively manage arrears, implement action plan for recovery and ensure system updates are managed effectively and frequently.
  • Identifying and recommends appropriate cases for write offs and ensure objective and effective application of write-off policy.
  • To communicate with the respective stakeholders to advise on status of debt recovery i.e. legal and finance;
  • To recommend in appropriate cases handing over of default clients for legal proceedings;
  • Effectively monitoring and managing the recovery of bad debts by engaging and liaising with Attorneys, external debt collectors as well as deputy sheriffs;
  • Facilitate and monitor litigation tracking report.
  • Managing performance of the Bank’s panel of attorneys and deputy S.
  • Liasing with external service providers such as Credit bureau forums.
  • Managing client’s proposals and implement effective mechanisms of recovery of debts.
  • Periodically reporting to management on the status of debtors and collection performance.
  • Preparations of the various reports within the department including write off reports, rehabilitation reports, discounted settlement reports and other reports incidental to the department.
  • Ensure monthly reports from the direct reports are produced and provided timeously.
  • Provides legal advisory role to the Credit department.
  • Respond to complaint letters to the Ministry of Finance from the Bank’s clients.
  • Coordinate legal process where matters are defended and have to go for trial in the Court through arrangement of witnesses.
  • Ensure good client relationship.
  • Effective customer service to minimize customer complaints and queries.
  • Ensure properties are dully advertised in order to be sold and recover monies owed to the bank.
  • Offer counselling to customers.


  • To supervise, develop staff, set key performance areas and monitor performance
  • To instil a culture of performance and rewarding contribution


  • To supervise, develop staff, set key performance areas and monitor performance.
  • To ensure the speedy resolution of client queries in order to bring about the successful recovery of debt
  • To ensure the management of client’s payment proposals and implement effective mechanisms for the recovery of the debt


  • To manage the integrity and accuracy of data on bad debts;
  • To produce reports that confirm progress of debt recovery;
  • To report on progress related to daily activities as required.
  • To ensure litigation report is updated on monthly basis.


  • To ensure that debt recovery proceedings comply with the Bank’s Credit Risk policy on debt recovery;
  • To ensure adherence to all company/business specific policies and procedures.
  • To ensure adherence to all legal instruments related to debt recovery.
  • Compliance to regulations, corporate governance and governance principles.



  • Degree in Economics, Finance, Commerce, Business accounting /Degree in Law and admitted to practice in the courts of Botswana/ Professional Banking qualification such as AIOB would be an added advantage.
  • At least 4-6 experience in collections/ debt recovery/ project appraisal/ credit assessment or credit management and or civil litigation.


Closing date: September 08, 2023