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Register as a Volunteer for the Children and Youth Pavilion at COP28

About the Children & Youth Pavilion
The Children and Youth Pavilion at COP28 serves as a dynamic platform for events, discussions, education, creativity, policy briefings, and media engagement. Led and curated by young individuals, it provides a space to unite and amplify the voices of youth worldwide.

This space enables youth entities to interact with influential stakeholders and decision-makers, including country delegations, to secure fresh commitments and decisions that propel the youth climate agenda forward.

Volunteer Registration for the Children and Youth Pavilion at COP28
Additionally, the pavilion functions as a strategic lobbying ground, allowing young people to shape Parties’ perspectives on child and youth involvement to ensure their recognition in advocacy, policy, and implementation.

About the Working Groups

The Pavilion encompasses three working groups:
1. Programme – (Defining daily themes + overall schedule for the Pavilion)
a. Identifying themes
b. Expression of Interest (EOI) process
c. Categorizing themes and grouping applications accordingly
d. Drafting a comprehensive schedule based on selected applications
e. High-Level Sessions, Country-led sessions
f. Collaborating with confirmed EOIs
g. Assisting facilitators/speakers in finalizing and preparing for their sessions
2. Communications and Media
a. Crafting the narrative for the CYP from now until post-COP
b. Curating social media channels and website
c. Identifying and training spokespeople for the pavilion beforehand and on-site
d. Managing media and press affairs

People Allocation – (Overseeing on-site management of the pavilion for two weeks)
a. Outlining the potential number of staff/volunteers for each day/Day leads
b. Specifying roles for each individual
c. Ensuring accessibility for individuals with disabilities
d. Managing safeguards for children and youth

By joining a Working Group (WG) and completing this Google Form, you are agreeing to adhere to the participation conditions. If you find that you can’t meet these conditions over time, please inform your team.


– Devote at least 4 hours weekly to your WG, with possible increases nearing the COP28 date.
– Commit to leading your assigned task according to the agreed timeline.
– Possess experience in organizing youth-led events or be willing to invest extra time to catch up.
– Chair and/or take notes for at least one WG meeting between now and November.
– Be proficient in working confidently with the English language.
– Communicate your availability, notify your team, and hand over tasks if you become incapacitated in your role.
– Attend and actively participate in WG meetings.
– Adhere to the C&Y Pavilion Guiding Principles.

Your level of involvement will be monitored, and the WG Coordinators may remove you if you don’t comply with the conditions above. New members will be onboarded on a continuous basis, with sign-ups being reviewed weekly.

If you have any inquiries, please contact us at volunteers-at-children-and-youth-pavilion@climatechampions.team

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Additional Information

Host Institution
Childen and youth pavilion
Program Type
Fully Funded
Eligibility Criteria
You commit at least 4 hours per week to your WG, that may increase as we approach the date of COP28. You commit to leading your assigned task by its agreed timeline. You have experience in organising youth-led events OR are willing to put in extra time and effort to get yourself up to speed. You will chair and/or take notes for at least one WG meeting between now and November. You can confidently work in the English language. You will communicate your availability, notify your team and hand over your tasks immediately should you become incapacitated in your role. You commit to attending and actively engaging in the working group meetings. You adhere to the C&Y Pavilion Guiding Principles.
Eligible Countries
Open for all
Application Procedure
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