REF: ENT 4/26/11IV (37) DATE: 11 June 2024


Government of Botswana is collaborating with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) funded from the Global Environmental Facility (GEE) on a project that seeks to promote Beneficiation and value Addition from Genetic Resources through Enhanced Capacity for Research and Development and the Protection of Trad it oral Knowledge in Botswana. This will be achieved through three interrelated components that will allow strengthening of the national framework and institutional capacities for Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) implementation, enhancing capacities for research and product development based on genetic resources and associated TK, and assessing project impact
Applications are therefore; invited from suitably qualified Botswana Citizens for the below mentioned contract positions, which are tenable at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. Successful candidates will become part of a Project Management Unit (PMU) based in Gaborone.
The Project Manager (PM) will be responsible for the overall management or the project, including the mobilization at al project inputs, supervision over project staff, consultants and sub-contract crs.
REMUNERATION: P45, 170.35 per month (inclusive of Medical Aid,
PAYE and Gratuity)
LEAVE DAYS: 30 working days per annum (to be utilized during
the contract period)

CONTRACT DURATION: One year renewable

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Resource Management,
Biological Sciences, Rangeland Ecology, Forestry, Environmental Management and Agriculture. A Master^ Degree in the present bed fields and a Master^ Degree in Project Management wil be an added advantage.

EXPERIENCE: A minimum of 12 years relevant profession^
experience, including practical experience in the implementation of interventions for the sustainable management of natural resources.

I)Manage the overall conduct of the project.
II)Plan the activities of the project and monitor progress against the approved work plan.
Hi) Execute activities by managing personnel, goods and services, trailing and low-value grants, including drafting terms of reference and work specifications, and overseeing all contractors’ work.
Iv) Monitor events as determined in the project monitoring plan, and update the plan as required.
v)Provide support for completion at assessments required by UNDP, spot checks arid audits.
vi)Manage requests for the provision of UNDP financial resources through funding advances, direct payments or reimbursement using the FACE form.
vii)Monitor financial resources and accounting to ensure the accuracy and reliability <* financial reports.
viii) Monitor progress, watch for plan deviations and make course corrections when needed within project beard-agreed tolerances to achieve results.
lx) Perform regular progress reporting to the project board as agreed with the board, inducing measures to address challenges and opportunities.
x) Prepare and submit financial reports to UNDP on a quarterly basis.
xl) Manage and monitor the project risks – including social and environmental
risks • initially identified and submit new risks to the Project Board for consideration and decision on possible actions if required; update the status of these risks by maintaining the project risks log;
xii) Ensure that a GRM will be operational within the first two months of project implementation.
xiii)Prepare revisions to the multi-year work plan, as needed, as well as annual and quarterly plans if required.
xiv)Prepare the Inception report no later than one month after the inception workshop.
xv)Prepare the GEF PIR;
xvi)Assess major and minor amendments to the project within the parameters set by UNDP-GEF;
xvii)Supervise the monitoring of implementation plans Including the gender action plan, stakeholder engagement and communications plan, and any environmental and social management plans;

•Deciding and initiating action
•Adhering to principles and values
•Working with people
•Writing and reporting
•Planning and organizing
•Delivering res tits and meeting customers
•Adapting and responding to change

Applications should be addressed to:
Acting Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Environment and Tourism
Private Bag BO 199
Hand Delivered to:
Ministry of Environment and Tourism
Plot 13064, Government Enclave, Gaborone
Open Records Management Unit
Second Room, Office 205

CLOSING DATE: 28th June 2024

For further enquiries please contact the Human Resource Management Division on 3647995 (Tlimelo)/ 3647938 (Mpipi).