Mine Surveyor


Jwaneng, BW

Description: Debswana Diamond Company  would like to invite suitably qualified innovative, results oriented and self-driven individuals to apply for the position listed and described below and join a professional team driven by service excellence, where the demands of the business are met by encouraging team work and addressing the needs of the individual.

Purpose of the Role

To acquire and interpret spatial infrmation for effective service delivery in line with the survey code of practice.

Key Job Responsibilities

  • Recommends and incorporates cost saving initiatives into budgets and controls expenditure within approved parameters.
  • Acquires and analyses spatial data from the system for integrity, movements of original ground, pit slope walls and structural deformation behaviour and informs the relevant stakeholder
  • Analyses and provides as drilled information and sets out a drilling pattern as per the set parameters
  • Analyses, interprets and validates spatial data from different sources to create and maintain the geographical model to be used as a basis for all present and future locations of the mine services and structures
  • Carries out calibration of drilling and loading equipment
  • Conducts audits of the pit to determine compliance to design and advise on deviation to relevant stakeholder
  • Conducts regular surveys on the reference points to ensure the integrity of the network
  • Designs and implements a survey control network from which survey positioning and survey systems are georeferenced
  • Determines and implements data collection methodology for updating Digital Terrain models (DTMs) used for plan updates and volumetric calculations
  • Determines appropriate survey method and implements survey monitoring systems for slope and structural deformation.
  • Develops and implements procedures for the survey monitoring systems
  • Develops and maintains the deformation monitoring systems infrastructure
  • Ensures availability of structural and slope stability monitoring system
  • Evaluates systems performance and produces report to inform stakeholders
  • Identifies and implements creative and innovative ideas to continuously improve and sustain business performance
  • Identifies and manages the implementation of and adherence to legal and corporate governance principles/requirements
  • Implements and ensures compliance to Survey Code of Practice standard in data collection, analysis and presentation
  • Implements knowledge management principles through application of tools and methodologies to continuously improve and sustain business performance
  • Implements quality control and assurance systems for all suppliers and contractors providing survey service
  • Implements the Safety, Health and Environmental programme in area of responsibility
  • Initiates, monitors and controls short term sectional projects to ensure attainment of work requirements
  • Manages spatial data in terms of data capture and updating of existing spatial datasets as per legal requirement
  • Performs depletions, analyses and interprets survey related information to determine total material flow
  • Performs re-depletions on new resources for validation and input into the modifying factor determination process
  • Provides production drilling support by staking out drilling patterns and ensuring compliance to drilling accuracies
  • Reconciles actual blast evaluation parameters (tons and carats) with the designed parameters and recommends corrective action to the tactical planner
  • Sets out mining limits to guide loading, to comply with design
  • Undertakes survey technical investigations and research studies aimed at improving the survey service delivery
  • Updates and maintains legal plans and survey records as per statutory requirements
  • Validates pattern design holes against as drilled holes to ensure compliance to legal requirements and recommends corrective action to the blasting engineer
  • Validates production information and reconciles with survey measurements for official reporting
  • Validates spatial data from the systems and signs off for further analysis
  • Analyses the functional area’s financial needs to develop a budget and ensures sufficient financial resources to meet business needs
  • Implements the departmental talent management initiatives by ensuring the right competence and effectiveness of manpower (capacity building) through developing and implementing career, localization/succession, training and development
  • Manages subordinate’s key effectiveness area by setting, monitoring and reviewing performance and taking remedial action as necessary
  • Establishes and maintains effective relationships with all key stakeholders and partners to ensure achievement of business objectives
  • Manages service level contract agreements specific to areas of specialisation

Other Job Responsibilities

  • Implements the Safety, Health and Environmental programme in area of responsibility


  • Bachelors Degree with Honours in Survey


5 years post qualification experience, 2 of which should have been in a mining environment

Legal Certification/Professional Registration

Technical Competencies

  • Mine Surveying: Deformation monitoring
  • Mine Surveying: Geo-spatial information
  • Mine Surveying: Ore Accounting
  • Survey Data Acquisition and Documentation
  • Survey Data Interpretation and Dissemination
  • Survey Data Management and Validation

Behavioral Competencies

  • (MM_PL)_Concern for Safety, Health and the Environment (4)
  • (MM_PL)_Change Leadership (2)
  • (MM_PL)_Planning, Coordination and Execution (3)
  • (MM_S)_Business Acumen (3)
  • (MM_S)_Impact & Influence (2)
  • (MM_S)_Innovation (2)
  • (MM_S)_Service Orientation (4)
  • (MM_S)_Teamwork & Collaboration (3)

Debswana is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

Fixed Term Contract
9 months
Closing Date:  14/03/2021