Role Purpose

Reporting to Director-Teacher Professional Services, the successful candidate will be responsible for planning, organising and controlling the activities of the Teacher Development unit through implementation of approved policies and procedures to facilitate the professionalisation and promotion of continued professional development of teachers.

Key Performance Areas

  • Availability of departmental policies and procedures relating to teacher development.

  • Established minimum teacher registration and licensing requirements in relation to qualifications, related accreditation and CPD requirements.

  • Availability of up-to-date list(s) of accredited courses and institution.

  • Minimisation of qualification and CPD gaps.

  • Efficient resolution of qualification and CPD issues.

  • Complete and up-to-date records.

The main duties include but are not limited to:

  • Manage a team charged with this mandate and ensure understanding of the teaching standards, regulations, policies, procedures, processes and other requirements.

  • Oversee the formulation, review and implementation of relevant policies, strategies, rules, regulations, systems, and procedures that are meant to facilitate the delivery of the department’s mandate.

  • Contribute to the departmental strategic plans and development.

  • Lead any teacher development projects and initiatives.

  • Establish departmental plans and targets for the various teacher development processes.

  • Plan and oversee departmental activities to ensure delivery.

  • Avail resources including financial to ensure departmental efficiency.

  • Establish teacher development policies, processes and procedures and work with the IT department to ensure the system effectively aligns with set processes and controls.

  • Liaise with accreditation authorities to ensure policies, procedures and processes are tied to the relevant authority’s mandates, and their set processes with no gaps or duplication of efforts in supporting teacher development.

  • Liaise with the various internal departments and other external stakeholders such as accreditation authorities and educational institutions to establish minimum teacher licensing requirements in relation to qualifications and experience and the minimum continued professional development (CPD) requirements and recommendations on an ongoing basis.

  • Establish a process of monitoring the ongoing Teacher CPD compliance.

  • Develop the Teacher Training and Continuous Professional Development Framework in consultation with the Strategy, Planning and Research and Teacher Professional Services functions.

  • Collaborate with the Strategy, Planning and Research and Teacher Professional Services function to develop professional qualifications and standards of entry to the teaching profession and facilitate the review of standards of knowledge, skills and competence required for the practice of teaching.

  • Produce clear guidelines covering the minimum teaching accreditation requirements for registration and licensing.

  • Establish through consultation and research, the recommended minimum CPD requirements for teachers to maintain teacher licensing.

  • Identify and ensure an ongoing and up-to-date list of accredited programmes to which teachers may register for bridging licensing requirements on one hand and on the other for purposes of self-development.

  • Develop and facilitate the implementation of policies and procedures relating to the induction of new members to the profession.

  • Ensure alignment of recommendations on teacher accreditation and CPD requirements with the teacher professionalisation standards and guidelines.

  • Based on research and consultation with various institutions compile a list of programmes for ongoing continuous development of teachers.

  • Communicate the drive to have teachers uphold and upgrade their professionalism through engaging in continuous development.

  • Establish a system that is prompt, has a clear start to finish trail and is outcomes based.

  • Ensure that registration and licensing applications that do not qualify due to qualifications and/or CPD deficiencies can be tracked and communication on status given as necessary.

  • Manage the process of recording accreditation and CPD records of all registered and licensed teachers.

  • Ensure documents presented for evaluation are responded to with clear recommendations for bridging training being made.

  • Ensure a system is designed with the support of IT to document and retrieve all teacher development related data.

  • Establish a system in place for the management and resolution of complaints from both internal and external customers in accreditation and CPD matters.

  • Promote continuing education, training, and development of teachers by addressing Teachers, organised Teacher Associations and Education Institutions and other stakeholders to create awareness through giving advice and motivation.

  • Contribute advisory and motivational information to internal and external publications on the teaching profession, to various teaching target populations.

  • Authorise departmental unit expenditure in accordance with financial policies and budgets.

  • Manage the departmental unit recruitment, selection, performance management, learning and development, employee relations, talent development, staff welfare and succession planning.

  • Ensure appropriate departmental unit risk management and internal controls are effectively implemented.


  • Team Leadership.

  • Assertive and decisive.

  • Results Oriented.

  • Resource Management.

  • Communications, Influence and Impact.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Degree in Education or related field.

  • An additional qualification in Human Resources Management will be an added advantage.

  • A minimum of eight (8) years proven administrative and leadership experience in teacher development and training. At least three (3) of these years should have been spent in a Supervisory / Management role of a medium to large public or private educational institution and experience developing and implementing policies and procedures in training and development or accreditation.

Interested candidates should submit their cover letter addressed to Manager Human Capital & Administration, detailed curriculum vitae (CV),certified copies of academic certificates and ID to:

Closing Date: 19th Jan 2024
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