Job Summary

The Manager, Product Portfolio plays a key role in shaping the bank’s product offerings, ensuring alignment with customer needs, market trends, and the future direction of banking. This management position focuses on developing and managing a robust product portfolio, driving innovation, and enhancing the bank’s competitive positioning. The Manager, Product Portfolio will play a crucial role in analyzing the retail product portfolio, and ensuring data driven product innovation in order to ensure that the product portfolio meets the evolving needs of customers in the future of banking together with the Liabilities Product Manager. This role requires a deep analytical skill, exceptional data skills and use of analytical tools, ability to drive creative problem solving whilst ensuring the governance health of Retail liability products. Deep knowledge of product management is key as well as the ability to collaborate effectively with internal and external stakeholders in order to drive growth.

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Job Description


Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Finance, Business, Economics, or a related field. Additional Professional qualifications e.g. Data, Analytics, CFA is required.



3-8 years of experience in product management, preferably in liabilities or deposit products. Experience in managing portfolios related to liabilities products. Proficiency in data Analytics and use of related tools. Proven experience in navigating and ensuring compliance with financial regulations. Demonstrated success in driving client primacy and increasing product holding within liabilities portfolios.

  • Expertise in developing and managing liabilities products, such as Current & Savings accounts, Term Deposit, and other deposit products.
  • Proficiency in portfolio optimization, deposit pricing models along with balancing of risk and return for liabilities products.
  • In-depth understanding of regulations and compliance standards related to liabilities products.
  • Familiarity with technology platforms and tools for managing and enhancing liabilities product offerings​.
  • Developing and implementing strategic initiatives to drive client primacy and improve product holding.
  • Flexibility to adapt to changes in market conditions, regulations, and client expectations.
  • Strong problem-solving abilities to address challenges related to product performance and market dynamics.
  • A strong focus on client needs and preferences, with the ability to enhance client relationships through tailored liabilities solutions.
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National Diplomas and Advanced Certificates: Business, Commerce and Management Studies (Required)


Closing date: April 14, 2024