To assess applications for regulatory sandboxing; identify and assess emerging economic activities for classification as fintech activities subject to licensing and prudential supervision; identify emerging fintech related risks and assess comprehensiveness of risk mitigation frameworks; advise on legal certainty for emerging fintechs by drafting motivations for review of existing legal and regulatory frameworks or formulation of relevant policy responses to address emerging fintech related risks; and manage operations of the Bank’s Regulatory Sandbox.



  1. Identify emerging economic activities and undertake fintech assessments in line with the Bank’s Fintech Assessment Framework to appropriately classify economic activities that are fintech activities.
  2. Admit emerging fintechs into the Regulatory Sandbox for testing under regulatory supervision.
  3. Operate the Bank’s Regulatory Sandbox in line with the Bank’s Regulatory Sandboxing Guidelines and draft a report on the outcomes of regulatory sandboxing upon exit.
  4. Draft reports motivating the review of current legal and regulatory frameworks as may be necessary, based on outcomes of the operations of the Regulatory Sandbox.
  5. Manage provision of guidance on licensing of fintechs to emerging fintech firms and regularly assess the effectiveness thereof.
  6. Monitor domestic, regional and international fintech developments and trends inclusive of Central bank Digital Currencies and draft recommendations on possible adaptation strategies to address regulatory gaps, policy responses for mitigation of emerging risks, and draft necessary motivations for the review of existing legal and regulatory frameworks or formulation of new policies to address emerging developments and trends.
  7. Undertake the periodic Fintech Landscape Mapping survey and facilitate regular updates to the online Botswana Fintech Landscape Portal and draft a report on emerging developments, trends, uptake of fintech services, and requisite policy responses.
  8. Assess progress with implementation of innovative fintech initiatives as outlined in the National Fintech Strategy and draft regular reports for Management.
  9. Draft memorandum of understanding with domestic stakeholders and international regulatory authorities as may be necessary.
  10. Collaborate with key stakeholders (NBFIRA, Botswana Digital Innovation Hub, and Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority, Fintech Association of Botswana) for collective learning, information sharing and harmonisation of regulatory responses to fintech developments.
  11. Draft articles on selected topics relating to fintechs and digital currencies for inclusion in the Bank’s internal and/or external publications.
  12. Review internal operating manuals, procedures, guidelines and service level agreements for comprehensive regulation and supervision of fintechs and orderly implementation of strategic initiatives.
  13. Provide professional and technical advice on the application and interpretation of fintech related legislations, regulations, guidelines, policies and directives.
  14. Represent the Bank at various national, regional and international Fintech fora.
  15. Build sustainable business relationships with key fintech stakeholders within the industry to promote the mandate of the Bank.
  16. Provide input into the Department’s strategic planning process, including documentation of the Work Programme and proposed budget.
  17. Maintain staff discipline in accordance with laid down procedures and the Banks General Conditions of service.
  18. Implement staff development and training programmes, including conducting on-the-job training.
  19. Evaluate staff performance and recommend training, promotion, disciplinary action or performance-based pay, as appropriate.
  20. Contribute to the periodic departmental management reports.
  21. Participate in committees for projects in the Bank and any other ad hoc committee as necessary.
  22. Is available to serve in other Management responsibilities, e.g., Budget Officer, Risk Champion, BCM Champion, Compliance Champion, Disciplinary Panel etc.
  23. Co-sign as Panel A signatory.
  24. Undertake such other duties as directed by the Manager and/or Coordinator.
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  • Master’s degree in information technology, Fintech, Business Information Systems, or Information Security, or a business related qualification, plus at least six (6) years of relevant post qualification experience


  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, Fintech, Business Information Systems, Information Security or business related qualification, plus at least eight (8) years of relevant post qualification experience

Competencies and Knowledge Areas

  • In-depth knowledge of fintech, experience in regulation of financial services, and general knowledge of the legal and regulatory framework for financial services.
  • Basic knowledge of the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) in the provision of financial services;
  • Experience in facilitating sandbox, incubation, or innovation testing;
  • Good understanding and navigation of financial regulations, global fintech market trends, and local market-specific challenges; and
  • Knowledge of cyber risks in digital payments.
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Closing date: May 31, 2024