Job Description

To satisfy the regulatory requirement and fulfil the role of Data Protection Officer for SBBL and its Subsidiaries. Ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act, industry standards and develop Data Privacy/Protection strategies to guide compliance to the regulatory requirements. To provide oversight to data protection strategy and its implementation to ensure compliance to the Data Protection Act. Embed the data privacy by design and default principle within SBBL operations.


Minimum Qualifications

Type of Qualification: First Degree
Field of Study: Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Information Systems or related discipline

Type of Qualification: First Degree
Field of Study: Risk Management, CISSP; CISA; CISM; CRISC; CDPSE or any privacy related or data privacy certification(s)

See also  Manager, Digitalisation and Innovation Hub at BANK OF BOTSWANA

Experience Required
Business Enablement
5-7 years
Regulatory approval to act as the Compliance Officer (CO) for SBBL, and the requisite skills to fulfil the role.

8-10 years
The role requires relevant experience in the financial services industry, specifically Compliance. The role requires expert knowledge on Botswana and global data protection laws and practices and sufficient knowledge of information technology and data management systems.

Additional Information


Closing date: May 03, 2024