Description Summary of the Position:
 Analyze the requirements of the company and organize IT the resources of the company accordingly
 Evaluating the needs of the company and choosing the most suitable software, hardware and other IT requirements such as networking
 Provide troubleshooting solutions,
 Ensure that all IT requirements of a company are fulfilled,
 Ensure the smooth functioning of all IT infrastructure such as servers and network connections, besides hardware and software,
 Ensuring security of the physical and virtual components of IT such as security of the server rooms and installing virus protections and firewalls,
 Organizing data, storing them securely and creating backups,

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 Excellent management, organization and time management skills.
 Strong communication skills,
 Excellent observation and analytic skills.
 Strong problem solving
 Sound technical knowledge about IT, security of systems and latest developments in the field

Qualifications and Experience
 A minimum of Diploma in Information Technology discipline is desired.
 A minimum of 2 years working experience in the Information Technology field.

ATT: Recruitment
Fincraft Investment Management
P O Box 201336
Gaborone OR

The closing date for the application is 3rd May , 2024.

We regret that FinCraft Investment Management will enter into correspondence with only those candidates that are Short-listed.