HPP Botswana is a locally registered Non-Governmental Organization that has been operating in Botswana since 2001. The organization works to promote actions in the fight for development in areas of health, education, human rights, food security and household economy. Our work towards development is guided by social cohesion and respect for humanity, driven by innovative and cost effective programs. The activities of HPP Botswana are aligned with the Government of Botswana’s National Vision 2036 and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.
HPP Botswana is inviting suitably qualified and experienced candidates to apply for the available positions of the upcoming USAID funded project to implement an activity to support the maintenance and uninterrupted delivery of quality HIV/AIDS services within communities and strengthen the community and health systems in Botswana with an emphasis on the delivery of integrated HIV services. This positions are on part-time/consultancy basis contingent to the project: Community Based Interventions for HIV/AIDS in Botswana Project (ExCAB).
Job opportunity: Human Resources Manager-Part Time
Job summary/ responsibilities:
They are responsible for managing every aspect of the employment process, including, orientation, and training of new staff members, and managing payroll. responsible for obtaining, recording, and interpreting human resources information within a company. They are tasked with managing company human resources records and assisting new employees with enrolment procedures.
Specific responsibilities include:
✔️ Preparing job descriptions, advertising vacant positions, and managing the employment process according to USAID and HPP Botswana regulations.
✔️ Orientating new employees and training existing employees.
✔️ Monitoring employee performance according USAID and HPP Botswana performance management tools.
✔️ Ensuring that all employees are organized and satisfied in their work environment.
✔️ Overseeing the health and safety of all employees.
✔️ Implementing systematic staff development procedures.
✔️ Providing counselling on policies and procedures.
✔️Ensuring meticulous implementation of payroll and benefits administration.
✔️ Communicating with staff about issues affecting their performance.
✔️ Ensuring accurate and proper record-keeping of employee information according to USAID and HPP Botswana guidelines.
✔️ The ideal candidate will possess a degree in Human Resources Management/BCom Management/Social Sciences or equivalent.
✔️ The ideal candidate will possess a minimum of five years work experience in a similar HR function with high attention to details, well organized and able to maintain strong interpersonal relationships.
Applications with detailed CVs and minimum 3 referees must be received by 13th February, 2021. Do not attach certificates and other documentation at this stage. Please submit to these emails: informhppbots@humanabotswana.co.bw
Hand delivery at Humana Head Office, Ext 2 Plot 823
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.