When interviewing for accounting jobs in Botswana, you really need to show the employer that you are responsible, trustworthy and possess great knowledge in accounting.

While you should always be prepared to answer common interview questions, there are a few accountant-specific questions that you’ll want to make sure you have practiced before hand.

If you are one of the people who lose their poise and end up rambling without focus, then this article will help you get all the right techniques on how to give a brilliant answer.

It is important to keep in mind that the employer will assess your confidence and personality based on how you answer this question.

Continue reading to see how to answer “tell me about yourself” in an accounting interview.

1. Concentrate On What Makes You Unique

The key point to a self-introduction for an accounting interview is to be precise about the strengths and achievements you mention. Give examples of what sets you apart from the other candidates. You can start with: your work experience, skills sets, key strength, and then finish with your career objective.

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2. Be confident when answering tell me about yourself accounting interview

Most people confuse the difference between Conceit and Confidence. Conceit is purely focused on self-satisfaction while Confidence focuses on delivering quality service. Confidence is key if you want to land one of the current jobs in Botswana. Be confident, but don’t overstep and show the employer that you’re only interested in the job to satisfy your needs.

3. Use professional examples

Do not respond to the “Tell me about yourself”accounting interview question with examples from your personal life. Give professional examples on how your skills and experience fit the accountant role. Giving personal examples may give the employer the impression that you don’t know how to separate your work from your personal life.

4. Keep it short

Think of this self-introduction question as a sales pitch opportunity. Make it short and precise. Practice before the interview by writing down points that make you unique and best qualified. Familiarize yourself with it to boost your confidence.
Sample answer for Entry level Accountants Interview

“My educational background and Internship experience has prepared me for the fast paced and challenging environment that comes with being a first-class accountant. I have completed two internships with renowned accounting companies. I had the opportunity to work for Company X the last six months in audit and tax accounting. I have completed CPA Section…”

Sample answer for Experienced Accountants

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“I have prepared myself to become a successful accountant by working hard in my career. I have shown a high level of confidence, progression and commitment in my current role. I have a BBA from the University X. Last year, I was promoted from a junior Auditor to Senior Auditor…

With the right preparation and confidence, you’ll be able to answer tell me about yourself in an accounting interview without any difficulties and in the end improve your chances of getting the accounting job.