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Main Purpose of the Job

The Head of Treasury at Botswana Savings Bank is a key member of the Executive Team responsible for overseeing various aspects of treasury functions, including liquidity management, cash management, investment management, risk management, funding and capital structure, strategic planning, team leadership, and stakeholder management. This role plays a critical part in shaping the bank’s financial strategy and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


Core Accountabilities and Responsibilities

  • Liquidity Management: Develop and implement strategies to maintain optimal liquidity levels to meet operational needs and regulatory requirements.
  •  Monitor liquidity positions, cash flows, and funding sources to manage liquidity risks effectively.
  • Cash Management: Oversee cash flow forecasting, bank account management, and cash positioning to ensure efficient cash management practices.
  •  Implement controls and procedures to maximize cash utilization and minimize idle cash balances.
  •  Investment Management: Manage the bank’s investment portfolios to optimize returns while adhering to risk tolerance levels.
  • Evaluate investment opportunities, monitor market conditions, and make informed investment decisions.
  • Risk Management: Identify, assess, and manage financial risks related to treasury operations, including interest rate risk, credit risk, and market risk.
  • Implement risk mitigation strategies to protect the bank against potential losses.
  •  to protect the bank against potential losses.
  • Funding and Capital Structure: Develop and execute funding strategies to ensure adequate capital is available to support the bank’s operations and growth initiatives.
  • Optimize the capital structure to enhance the bank’s financial performance and stability.
  • Strategic Planning: Contribute to the development of the bank’s overall strategic plan,
  • providing insights and recommendations on treasury-related matters.
  •  Align treasury strategies with the bank’s long-term goals and objectives.
  • Team Leadership: – Lead and mentor the treasury team, fostering a culture of excellence, collaboration, and innovation.
  • Provide guidance and support to team members to enhance their skills and professional development.
  • Stakeholder Management: Build and maintain relationships with internal and external stakeholders, including regulatory bodies, auditors, and financial institutions.
  • Communicate effectively with stakeholders to ensure transparency and alignment on treasury-related matters.
  • Assets and Liability Committee (ALCO) Participate in ALCO meetings, providing expertise and recommendations on liquidity, funding, and risk management.
  • Collaborate with ALCO members to ensure treasury strategies are aligned with the bank’s risk appetite and financial objectives.
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  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, Economics, Business Administration, or related field.
  • A Master’s degree or relevant professional certification (e.g., CFA, FRM) is a plus.


  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in treasury management, with a focus on liquidity management, cash management, investment management, and risk control.


  • Proven track record of strategic planning, team leadership, and stakeholder management.
  • Strong understanding of financial markets, regulatory requirements, and best practices in treasury operations.
  • Excellent communication, analytical, and decision-making skills.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a dynamic and fast-paced environment


Closing date: July 12, 2024

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