Drill Rig Operator (MMS07) x32

  • Junior Certificate plus mine related skills and experience
  • Experience on epiroc DM30, Sandvik DI550, Di650 drill rigs
  • Class B
  • 4 years experience in open pit mining

The duties of a drill operator include, but are not limited to:

  • Operating a jackhammer to break up hard surfaces such as concrete or rock
  • Inspecting the progress of a drill site at regular intervals to ensure that it is progressing according to schedule
  • Reporting any problems with equipment or procedures to supervisors or engineering staff as necessary
  • Reviewing blueprints or other plans to determine where to begin drilling holes
  • Assisting an engineer or geologist in planning where to drill in order to obtain samples of minerals or rock for testing purposes
  • Monitoring equipment to ensure that it is working properly and taking steps to repair it if it malfunctions
  • Operating a variety of drilling equipment including rotary rigs, percussion rigs, cable tool rigs, and air hammer rigs
  • Maintaining the safety of fellow workers by observing for unsafe conditions and reporting them to supervisors
  • Installing and removing drilling equipment as needed to drill holes in the earth
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