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The Medical Director is responsible for directing, coordinating and management of Clinical Units. This role is responsible for monitoring and improving the level of care provided  to patients and reducing operating costs of a healthcare facility over time. The Medical Director is also responsible and accountable for clinical outcomes, implementation and oversight of quality assessments and performance improvement initiatives. As part of the executive management team the Medical Director initiates and implements strategies that enhance patient care and improve medical practice.  The responsibility to oversee daily operations of a healthcare facility, including operationalising Clinical Units in line with the commissioning plan, readiness level and therefore rests with the Medical Director.



• Oversees the strategic intent and activities of all clinical units, including Allied Health
• Ensures the facility’s finances facilitate patient care strategy effectiveness.
• Leads budget development and review and ensures cost saving and cost containment in areas of responsibility
• Supports setting of financial targets for the business
• Reviews healthcare policies, procedures and standards
• Develops and implements strategies to improve communication between medical professionals and patients.
• Works directly with providers to educate them on SKMTH’s patient care process for continuous improvement
• Acts as the medical expert in dealings with suppliers and non-medical departments and contractors within the hospital
• Manages activities related to the delivery of medical care and clinical services such as utilization review, quality assurance, and medical protocol development
• Maintain confidentiality of all information related to patients, medical staff and employees
• Ensures achievement of positive clinical outcomes
• Leads Clinical Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance
• Builds the foundation necessary for the facility to provide quality care that leads to positive impact on patient outcomes.

• Keeps abreast of health trends and fosters innovation, including but not limited to the use of technology
• Planning for the implementation of new information technology
• Fostering positive relationships with all relevant partners and stakeholders for advancement of clinical care, research and teaching
• Manages performance of team members and inspires a supportive, conducive environment for productivity
• Produces reports on clinical units’ performance, including but not limited to patient experience, financial performance and clinical outcomes
• Ensures Occupational Health and Safety standards are prioritised and complied with.


• Leads the development and implementation of the strategy for Clinical units, covering all the different business units’ mandates
• Ensures compliance with all regulatory requirements, including international health standards
• Directs, manages and monitors the overall performance of the Clinical team members
• Leads cross functional collaboration between Clinical Business Units and other departments for effective liaison, support and assistance
• Directs and utilises agreed systems to manage patient care, research and teaching activities, including analysing data and documenting information
• Directs patient management plans for enhanced patient experience
• Subject to agreed criteria; recruits, trains, set action and targets, appraises and manages performance as well as development and motivation of team members
• Delegates responsibility to team members and holds them accountable
• Directs, manages and maintains contact with internal and external customers
• Ensures maintenance of accurate patient care and quality assurance records
• Controls expenses to meet agreed budgetary controls
• Adheres to all organisational policies and procedures and influences change where applicable
• Ensures that licenses are up to date, thus preventing the prosecution or termination of the hospital’s services to the public
• Provides follow-up information to staff and patients regarding their concerns
• Facilitates communication among clinicians and staff
• Recruits and manages high calibre Clinical staff




• Degree in Medicine
• Masters Degree in Business Management or equivalent
• Advanced Leadership or Management Development Programme would be an added advantage
• Must be registered with the Botswana Health Professionals Council



• 15 years post qualification experience business management, 5 of which should have been at Executive Management Level in a similar role.


Closing date: July 16, 2024